Fantastic Four #2: Skrull it up

Reed, Sue, Johnny, and Ben go up against the menace of the sinister Skrulls in the aliens’ first appearance in the Marvel Universe. How can they hope to succeed against a powerful foe capable of surpassing Reeds’ morphic powers with the technology to emulate everybody else’s?

Through the power of comic books, that’s how!

Features not only the first appearance of the Skrulls, but the first of Johnny’s many exposures to asbestos, the first “villains impersonate the Fantastic Four to make everybody hate them” trope, the first big fight between Ben and Johnny, and serious questions about why Reed has so many secret apartments all over the place.

This episode was hosted by Michael Coorlim, Rex Balboa, and Gerald Wallace. If you enjoy the podcast and want to support our work, consider joining our patreon.

Thanks to composer AJ Mills for our intro and outro music.

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